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ProveSource Explained

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Tons of features and possibilities

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We are adding more everyday, but here are just a few

  • Easy To Install

    Add ProveSource to your website, landing page or shop in minutes

  • 100% Real

    Show verified and authentic conversions, activities and purchases

  • Timing Rules

    Control your notifications display time, speed, delay and much more

  • Mobile Ready

    Display responsive notifications on your mobile website or app

  • Customer Activities

    Show off recent conversions, boost credebility, reputation and trust

  • 100+ Integrations

    ProveSource integrates with tons of 3rd party platforms

  • Display Rules

    Decide how and when to display your notifications

  • Auto Tracking

    Capture conversions from a custom web form automatically

  • Page Visits

    Display recent page visits or live visitors on your website

  • Webhooks

    Use your server or 3rd parties to post conversions or sales

  • Customizable

    Set your notification icon, title color, text, link and more

  • All Time High

    Show all time events if you don’t have many visitors

Supercharge your funnelsEmojiwith social proof, the #1 marketing strategy used by top marketers from, Amazon, Airbnb and others.

Why Do I Need It?

Have you ever been even more excited to try a new restaurant because you see it’s busy and popular? Same goes for your website.

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ProveSource comes with tons of features, integrations and built-in social proof analytics.

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